Tuesday, January 15, 2008

One fresh apple every day

Apart from the white coat I should probably wear,this has nothing to do with doctors. Why the white coat? Well, I think I caught something contageous. Something like Apple.

It was a strange argument that the good advertisement is recognized by the information level, or the quantity of information contained in it's message.


Some useless queries (Where are the ads, when you need 'em) away, I came upon this list of Apple slogans, and they are definitely good stuff!

Soon after your contemplation ends, it's time to do some math or stats. Or at least try to prove the bold point from above. Let's find the most common words in all those Slogans or .. the juice of Jobs' .. or fruits of Apple's.

The most common words in this list (concerning iPod advertisement) are:

05 "your"
05 "music"

Definitely something here, I did start thinking about "mine iPod".
Followed by:

04 "put"
04 "in"
04 "a"
04 "pocket"
04 "songs"

Oh now I really get it. What would iPod do for me? "Put my music in my pocket".
It's quite clear. Quite simple. Quite clean. Quite nice.

Now let's imagine that somehow we are granted with the power of knowing all apple's slogans, before they actually sent them out live. Let's analyze them as a heap of symbols without order, just frequencies and probabilities, and draw a chart, of "How much surprise/information would the upcoming slogan bring".

So, here is The Chart of Apple iPod slogans, ordered by information they bring:

Would you guess the worst message on this chart?

"1,000 songs in your pocket"

Yes indeed.

Moving on, what is this strange downfall of the chart in 2004?

"The best keeps getting better"

Yeah, sure.

Now, pay attention to the top.The most informal slogan of all:

"Which iPod are you?"

Yes, indeed. I like it. Maybe it is the best slogan of the list, and maybe there is some point in the idea of advertisement judged as information entropy.

Here are the Top 10 list, of slogans ordered by Information entropy:

8,945440 Which iPod are you? 2006
8,930630 The best digital jukebox and #1 music download store. Now with video. 2005
8,927365 Home stereo. Reinvented. 2006
8,926757 Back for an encore. 2006
8,924699 Clip and go. 2006
8,923975 Completely remastered. 2006
8,922251 Tune your run. 2006
8,917340 Put some music on. 2006
8,911579 Movies, TV shows, games, and music. Now playing on an iPod near you. 2006
8,909616 Put a different kind of change in your pocket. 2006

Point taken. I'll buy.

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