Wednesday, January 16, 2008


It is a handy little tool, those trends of google. Something like a flinstone for cave-man in our modern age. It does astonish me every day, to speculate with peculiarities of the things we look for.

In this case God seems less searched for than IKEA.

Where does this lead to? On the perspective of brands, Coca cola stands lower in the searches, compared to both. So, is it the availability of cola, that lead to this result?

Wait a minute, what about availability of God? Is it still a good idea?

Maybe it's the brand presence, in our days that give motivation to our searches. But again, God as a brand ...

You should play a little with those trends, because if you do, I bet nine out of ten, it would broaden your smile.

And anyway, iLike IKEA .. well, mostly due to the vowels.

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