Saturday, January 26, 2008

An idiot meets his echo

Johnny Bravo, the narcistic, dim-witted celebrity yells from the edge of canyon:

Johnny B: "I'm good"
The Echo: "'m gooooood"

Johnny B: "I'm better"
The Echo: "'m betttrrr"

Johnny B: "I'm better than you!"
The Echo: "'m better than youu!!"

Johny to himself: "Oh, he's good"

What happens when an idiot meets his echo is some sort of avalanche. Worth mentioning recursion of self inducing stupidity. When you think of it, it is one of THE drivers of the society. You happen to notice it almost everywhere - traffic, media, fashion, stock markets or politics, almost everywhere we hear some idiot's echo. Now, why is that?

You know Einstein speaking of infinity? "Two things are infinite. The Universe and Human Stupidity, although I am not sure about the former".

Does it mean, that each and every time we resonate with echos, we are idiots? Yes, indeed, I would say, and not really. I feed my ego, trying to restrain of resonating, but soon enough found out for example, that I tend to buy and read the most read newspaper. And you probably know, that as particles of the society we are constantly resonating to the pleasures and discontents, so what should we do? Isolate? Hide? One simply can not. As human beings there always would be things that make us resonate with one another. With something or everyting. With opinions, theories or even the buss schedule. One driver for this resonance could be this hypothesis, "Safety in numbers". Or, the more people tuned in an opinion, we support, the less likely is for us to find someone to collide with. Do we avoid social collisions? You see, conformism is proven to exist. Are you a leader? Really? In what plane?

Anyway, there is this saying "Every time you follow a beatle, it would lead you to nothing but crap". And maybe, something deep down in our evolution yells "you don't want to miss it". Simply none of the progress we see, would be achieved if we did not make mistakes. Just mind the beatles.

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